Welcome to Palm Prints New Zealand!
Welcome to Palm Prints New Zealand!
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Current Jane Galloway Show at Heritage Gallery, Cambridge.

Introducing our Exhibiting Artist - Jane Galloway!
Jane is a talented artist based in Raglan. Her work draws inspiration from the NZ environment, as well as rich fabrics, embroideries and art history - resulting in pieces with a refreshing vibrance and a distinct ‘kiwi’ feel. 

"People often ask me where the original painting is because they think they are looking at reproduction prints with this series, but there is no one-off 'original'. Once I have a mood board of plant forms whose leaf and flower colours work together, I print these images out and then paint them using watercolours. Each plant painting is photographed and cut out in Photoshop to leave a “floating” layer. Then its the fun part: combining layers of painted plants, birds and butterflies with background textures and colours which can only be produced on the computer."

This incredible collection truly has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Enchanted will be exhibited in Heritage Gallery until the 9th of October. Come in to take one of these beautiful pieces home for yourself.

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