Welcome to Palm Prints New Zealand!
Welcome to Palm Prints New Zealand!
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Art Prints and Paintings New Zealand

Palm Prints is an independent art studio based in Raglan, New Zealand. This beautiful seaside environment inspires artists Jane Galloway and Stuart Mackenzie to spend most of their time involved in art making.

 The two originally began Palm Prints in 2003, producing photographic greeting cards.  Live Wires  discovered their work soon after and offered to take over printing and distribution. This decade-long relationship with the company has allowed Jane and Stuart to focus on their art print design while many of these images are still distributed as cards and calendars.

 Today, Palm Prints has evolved from producing photographic prints to include a range of digital, hand-drawn and painted images produced by Jane. Her passion for the natural world and for art and design history can be seen in all her work.

Jane's original paintings can be seen at Jane Galloway Artist



Artist Julian Godfery is Jane’s son. He has his own unique view of the world which can be seen in his drawings which involve intense pattern-making of images in either abstract or naïve styles. His representational drawings with their simple subjects have moved people to tears at times as they convey a true purity of spirit. Julian would love to be a full-time artist. His dream is to win the IHC Art Awards, as he has been a finalist several times.